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Wireless communication, health and safety

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We develop smart technologies to increase maritime efficiency and safety

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This video showcases our Marnet and Marpersonnel technologies.

Health and safety at sea

Our Marpersonnel system helps keep your crew and passengers safe. Our smart bracelets allow for precise, real-time location of personnel in emergency situations. In addition, the system automatically detects and notifies in case of a man-over-bord situation and irregular health activity.

Automatic man-over-bord detection

Our system implements the use of a digital fence and smart parameters that automatically detects MOB and alerts the crew

Tracking and location of crew

In an emergency situation, the real-time location of crew and passengers onboard will be communicated for use in search and rescue operation.

GDPR safe

We care about our customers and users privacy. Our technology is developed as a sleep-wake system that only transmit data in an emergency situation.

Wireless communication

Our technology utilises a sophisticated network of sensors to provide systems and decision makers with important data in real time. Marconnect’s unique solution also permits peer-to-peer communication across existing systems, machinery and equipment, enabling smartification of otherwise analog ships and installations, laying the foundation for a fully autonomous future.